Ignorance is bliss.

The other Holy Oil

Our mission is to put prayers for healing intention into every jar and every bottle of natural medicine we make, and to help spread the good word about cannabis.

Read more about the Sisters of The Valley Here: https://www.sistersofcbd.com

Bears did 9/11

He told her she couldn't have a horse for her birthday.

What do you call a Muslim woman flying a plane?

I do not like toucans.

Tigers will stealthily murder you and your entire family.

My apologies

Vedic math multiplication method

What Led Zeppelin Songs Are About

Graduate vs the real world

Nude Russian Cats

When people fight in the comment section.

This is fine.

Clever tree hole art.

In China, public trees have been transforming into beautiful works of art thanks to 23-year-old art student Wang Yue. With her friend Li Yue, aka Belladrops, documenting her progress, the artist has garnered much attention for her creative public art which has turned the streets of Shijiazhuang into a delightful sort of pop-up gallery.

Via http://www.meitu-art.com

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